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Geppetto – Engage 2 November 2012

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Geppetto - Phone Box Installation
Geppetto Phone Box Installation

Paul Mahon of Geppetto fame was commissioned as one of six artists to re-design a public phone-box in the capital in September as part of #engage ran by TANK Collective.

“…The boxes were once an integral part of the fabric of our streets buy now are invisible, neglected. We want to make them visible and vital once more. This project seeks to re-engage people with the telephone boxes…”

The Dublin based, Visual Artist from Kilkenny tells us ‘My concept was to engage the viewer/public back again with the boxes by making them actively search for that one point where the box would become invisible.’

Geppetto - Phone Box Installation
The otherside of the same phone box.

The installation featuring, Ussher Library, was digitally printed onto vinyl wrapping material and installed across from Trinity College Dublin. ‘The technique used to create this illusion is called perspective anamorphosis, first used in the early Renaissance and more commonly seen on chalk drawn street art to make it look like there’s a hole in the ground.’

Geppetto - Phone Box Installation
Vinyl Wrapping Sections

Post installation, Mahon was asked “When did you take the photo on the box when there was no cars”… He explained ‘There’s two answers to this: 1. The photo on the box doesn’t exist. It is Impossible to take the exact photo of what is on the box because there is a phonebox in the way… and 2. The photo you see printed on the box is a photoshopped comp of a few photos, which I took in between traffic.

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