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Wexford’s Up & Coming Tinkicker 4 March 2011

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Tinkicker has been actively painting since the first Cans Festival in 2008. ‘If it wasn’t for me old man I wouldn’t be painting today. He got me into graffiti and even helped me lay down me first street stencils’.

Tinkicker told us his major influences were Banksy and Eelus. In fact, the Wexford based artist was fortunate enough to meet Eelus when he was just starting off. ‘On my adventures to Bristol I also met some associates of the infamous Banksy and they shared their amazing stories of the Bristol legend’. Meeting these ‘top dogs’ pushed him to pursue the life of a professional vandal. ‘I realised how you could use graffiti as a weapon for the people, as a spokesman for the underdogs’.

‘I’ll always paint. I think you need something to keep you sane in this mad world but if my work makes someone laugh or smile or even cry then I’m doing my job right.’

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Despite Your Face 23 September 2010

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ANewSpace present ‘Despite Your Face. This ambitious project consists of Irish and international Street Art from the Dublin Area. An opening party will take place on Culture Night, Friday the 24th of September from 6pm and the exhibition will continue until Sunday the 3rd of October at ANewSpace Gallery Boutique, 6 Chatham Street Dublin 2.

Featuring Works by: ADW, Asbestos, Canvaz, Cisto, Conor Harrington, Cool-C, DBC, Eine, Eelus, Karma, Loki, Morgan, Solus Splink(i love lamp), Will St Leger, Xpir and more to be announced

This collection hopes to present Irish and International street art in the Dublin area. It is by no means a complete overview (as the scene is far bigger then anyone can imagine) but instead is a snap shot of an underground existing in Irish society.

The exhibition is made up of a gallery show at Anewspace and special commission outdoor pieces. The first by ADW was completed on Sunday at Dame Lane, Dublin.

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