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Solus 13 May 2011

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Dublin based street artist, Solus, has recieved notoriety, not only for his work in Ireland, but also in London, Bristol, Spain, New York and Amsterdam.

At the moment Solus is preparing to paint at ‘Upfest’ in Bristol this June. ‘I also plan to paint a lot in Dublin and where ever else I go… Im always trying to come up with new ideas’s and trying to improve my technique. I’m currently working on tonnes of new stuff, so you can expect to see lots of my work in the near future. Its exciting – im excited…’

Solus tells us his bio would go something like this: Enjoys painting, getting tattooed, old-time music, coffee, punk, South Korea, collecting art, hustling, loose lips sink ships, staring longingly into burning fires while weeping openly.

For more of the same visit Solus on Facebook

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1. Tracy McN - 21 November 2011

Hi guys,
I’m looking to buy another Solus work for Christmas but can’t locate a seller! Any ideas where I should shop? Already have the ‘To Tough To Die’, really wanting to add to my walls. Help!
Thanks , Tracy.

2. Anthony Byrne - 9 December 2011

Anewspace have a pop up shop going at the minute, its at 55 south william street.
Not sure if they have a solus in at the minute but the stock is being updated frequently.

3. Elaine M - 9 December 2011

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