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Stencil Timelapse: Age Face 8 June 2010

Posted by IrishStreetArt in International Street Art.
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This timelapse piece, ‘Age Face’, comes from Sligo man, Kevin McGloughlin and shows us just what you can achieve with a craft knife, cutting mat and a nice idea. The Barcelona influenced street artist tells us ‘I dont generally work with stencils, but here is one I made recently. It’s a reproduction of a free hand piece I painted. I photographed it and redrew it. I then pretty much duplicated one side to make it more symmetrical, but it still has a bit of variety as apposed to a mirrored image.’
Nice stencil, great final piece!

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1. Anonymous - 14 August 2010

What Material are you using to stencil? It looks solid but easy to cut!! I find i haven’t got anything but cardboard, which makes it so much harder for me to work, since i cant cut hugely intricate designs on it, poor quality board.

Help me out here =]

2. IrishStreetArt - 16 August 2010

We find the best material to make a reuseable stencil is flexi-plastic (the type that comes in that packaging that is impossible to open without a knife). It’s dirable, washable and see through, which makes life much easier.

3. aerosolic - 9 September 2010

and you can cut it with a stencil burner (or wood burner) which is much faster!