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A free Konk 26 April 2010

Posted by Irish Street Art in Featured Street Artist, Irish Graffiti.
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Konk has been writing graffiti for 6 years. The Dublin based artist describes his style as ‘bright modern contempory’ and has a love for ‘big drippy tags, throw ups and all aspects of graffiti’. Konk has been working with Dublin city youth service, teaching classes privately to both kids and adults.

In 2008 he was arrested for €14,000 worth of damage and received a 2 year suspended prison sentence in the high court including 240 hours community service and a €5000 fine. Funds were raised to pay off this fine through the successful ‘Free Konk’ art raid.

Having completed his stint on probation Konk is now concentrating on getting a website together and organising a book of irish graffiti and his work……

For a ful collection of his work visit Konk on Flickr

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1. RDS - 30 April 2010

Who does he think he is? A book of his work? His style is played out and lame. I know he thinks he’s some hot shot but he needs a reality check. For serious.

2. hurrr durrr - 3 May 2010

konks style is nothing to make a book about, and who’s gunna buy it?

3. tom treanor - 24 July 2010

konk’s style is fuckin amazin ..its as fresh as fuck ..if anyone thinks differnt they dont know graf

4. KONK - 25 August 2010


5. Baby D - 4 January 2011

KONK is a New York band from the early 80′s that is still active. The graffiti art that the band’s Shannon Dawson created was innovative and unique, and was ubiquitous all over the city at the time. The art shown here is totally inspired and derived from the band KONK and Dawsons’ original art from that period.

6. KONK - 22 February 2011



7. Karen - 15 April 2011

Hey, where is the details for the Tivilo Grafitti Event in May 2011? I would love to try some spray painting. Please advise.

8. konk - 23 November 2011

RDS Hurr durr You have been invited to my book launch and a signed copy with a photo of me is in it xxx SUCK MY NUTS


9. Delroy Methusala Kilroy III - 24 November 2011

Oh yeah man. Massive props for my man and his nuts that need sucking LOL!!!

YOU DA MAN KONK!! Never mind de haterz. They gunna hate no matter wut.

KONK on my man, Konk on nd let the haturz hate. Any chance I could get a signed photo?

10. konk - 14 December 2011

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