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Filth – More than just a Belfast Skater! 16 September 2009

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Filth Wood - So It Is

Filth told IrishStreetArt.com his ‘artist’s statement’ usually consists of “Artist, skateboarder, crap at both.” He may not be able to nollie late flip but his deck art work is far from shoddy.

The Belfast native spoke of his work content: “My work revolves around text, whether its in graffiti or gallery pieces, nearly everything I paint involves words. Most of the time its the typography that interests me more than the actual words themselves, but slowly I’m finding the balance as I paint less pieces to put more effort into each one.”

When asked about his influeneces, Filth explained “My inspiration come from constantly looking at artists that are better than me, it drives me to want to be better at what I do. Skateboarding, graffiti, Belfast, reggae, punk and hardcore music, advertising and the people I encounter everyday are all huge influences on my work. I’ll paint with anyone. In Belfast, I usually paint with TDS crew, they’ve taught me a lot in a very short space of time and get me out painting more than I would if left to my own devices.”

Fore more of this impressive work check out Filth’s Blog.

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1. Skateboarder - 13 May 2010

I like the way you use skateboards. Certainly not for their intended purpose, but cool.

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