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Danleo: An Accomplished Young Artist 25 August 2009

Posted by IrishStreetArt in Featured Street Artist, Irish Graffiti.


Irishstreetart.com brings you the accomplished, Danleo, a talented young artist, who came to promise at an early age when he found his passion in art.

Considering himself more of a cartoonist than a painter, his stated aim is to create light hearted paintings that are fun but have sickly undertones. His technique is to achieve the same clean lines as illustrations created on computer programmes.

“I need those thick black lines. As a kid I used to spend ages trying to get the same effect with a black biro”.

Born in London in 1984, Danleo moved to Ireland in his youth and later studied animation and graphic design for two years at I.A.D.T. Dublin. After leaving college he began to lean towards creating dynamic stills on canvas and walls, and has spent the last few years building up an impressive portfolio with a wide array of work from illustrations to Graffiti based pieces.

Not content with sticking to one medium, Danleo constantly looks for more challenging ways to express his work and to inspire those who get a kick out of his weird creations.

Working mainly with spray paint and a variety of inks, Danleo‘s work is colourful, bold and often slightly crude, with inspiration coming from the somewhat warped cartoons such as Ren and Stimpy of the early nineties.

Over the last few years he has been commissioned to create numerous works for clients and has painted large wall pieces for various bars & clubs including The South William, Twisted Pepper, and The Bernard Shaw Dublin.

To date Danleo’s work has been featured on the international Graff Blog FATCAP (read interview here) and in NewWebPick book Eccentric Design, Tokyo. He is currently busy working on his own exhibition which will feature his new line of work and will also embark on a trip to NYC and Toronto with a few projects. Keep an eye out.

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1. Ian Twohig - 26 July 2010

i am checking to see if this guy lives or works in cork.
I am impressed with his work and may have a job for him.
Would appreciate it if someone could get back to me as soon as possible

Ian Twohig

2. IrishStreetArt - 26 July 2010

Hi Ian
We’ve emailed you directly

3. Sarah - 8 February 2011

Hi there, we are a group of students in IADT dublin and are organising a walking tour of street art in dublin and then doing a workshop after, We would be really interested in speaking with this artist, how would we go about getting in contact with him? I would appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible, Thanks!

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